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Episode 012: First Year Review Safely at Home

Richie talks about quarantine life and reviews a bit of the first year of the podcast. The music you hear in this episode:

Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads

Lovely Day - Bill Withers

Everything She Wants - Wham

The Whole of the Moon - Waterboys

Dear God - XTC

Episode 009: The Rocket Summer!

In this episode, I talk with my daughter Briannah about her favorite artist Bryce Avery and his band The Rocket Summer. We also get to talk about a TRS show we attended together in September in Charlotte. It's a fun conversation and you get a brief introduction into a really talented dude.

Episode 006: He Ain’t Heavy: Ten+ Questions for Robbie

In this episode, Richie sits down with Robbie and asks a few music related to help you get to know him better. This is a really fun one. You don't want to miss the Funeral home joke! We talk a lot of Rob's favorites and a few of the questions turned out to be surprisingly tough. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Peace and love!

Mini-sode 4: 10 Questions from Facebook for Richie’s Birthday

I answer 10+ questions from my friends on Facebook!

Eric Miller from Pods and Sods...

BJ Kramp from Rock And/Or Roll

Ken Mills from a million... He is the Podfather after all... This is my fav:

Joe Royland - Sit 'n' Spin with Joe

Jeff Harris, Behind the Grooves

Episode 005: Rob and Rich Talk “Being in a Cover Band”

For the last 15 years, Rich and Rob have been in the cover band Alter'd State in East Tennessee. In this episode, they talk the good and bad, ups and downs. If you've ever wondered what being in a local bar band was like, check this out!

Episode 004: Van Halen vs. Van Hagar

Richie (Team Roth) and Robbie (Team Hagar) have a friendly back and forth about one of their favorite bands. Who took which side? Is there a better version of the band? Listen in and find out. We'd love your feedback. Are you Team Roth or Team Hagar? Let us know what your favorite VH songs are and why!!

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Mini-sode 2: Bold, Shocking and Outrageous Statements

In this episode, Richie makes bold, shocking and outrageous statements about music and his own taste in reality shows. But we are really burying the lead here. You will want to listen along to here his new original tune "Me and Brian Jacobs". It's an answer to his own name drop in a song by Craig Smith on a recent Pods and Sods Episode. (link below) So join us for a half hour of fun and ridiculousness. 


Two Pick 10: Billy Joel on the Pods and Sods Network

Mini-sode 1: Apologies and Halftime Shows

Richie's very first solo mini-sode. In this episode, I talk about the early stages of podcasting and the learning curve as well as a little talk about this week's Super Bowl halftime show and shows past. 

Episode 000: Introduction

A little episode to kick off the podcast. More coming soon!!!

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